I slept in today.  Ten days on the road, 10 different places, but I didn't have to be anywhere today and that felt good.  I slept long and hard.

Don was already up going about his business when I came downstairs.  He was on the PC, checking the ST forums and email.  I signed on and did the same.   I put a post on the ST forum that I was in the Hotel California and well.  I made a few calls back east (mid morning there) and was putting a load of clothes in the laundry when Freestyle halted me.  "Whoa whoa!  You're just gonna put it all in together?"  "Yeah."  "You can put navy blue in with gray and white."  "I can't?"  "Noooooooooooooo."  I admit I'm not very domesticated.  Freestyle was, and showed me the path to enlightenment.  "Here this stuff goes here, throw that over in that pile for later, we'll do the colored stuff first.  Do the soap like this, and use this setting."  That joker had it down pat.

With clothes washing I went outside to wash the 1300.  I always wash and clean the bike when I reach the turn around point.  I know it won't stay pretty long, but it makes me feel better.  Don showed me the cleaning supplies, but I already knew where they were.  "I gotta get this tire off for that boy back east."  "K lemme know if you need any help."

Don has the carcasses of 3 ST 1100s that he has stripped out for parts.  He has gathered a nice reputation with the 1100 guys as a man to call if you need something.  If you need a part good chance he might have it.

My bike was a mess after a 4,000 mile ride across the country, but not anything a little soap and water can't handle.  Plexus works good up to a point, but after so many days, the bike needs a good bath.  When I finished, the bike looked almost new, and glistened in the California sun.

I helped Don with the tire, and before long we had it boxed and ready to go.  Only to find out it was the wrong part.  We went back out to the garage,  opened the box, and placed the correct part inside.

"Lets run down the hill for some lunch, then we can go by the FedEx office and ship this box."  

Things were a little slow at the Fed Ex office and we were in and out in short order.

Lunch was a local Wendy's.  Dang it was good.  My diet has been terrible this tour, I'll do better tomorrow.
It was mid afternoon by the time we arrived back home.  I saw a pile of clothes (mine) in the floor and tossed them in the dryer.  A short while later Freestyle asked me, "hey Guy why ya wanna dry your dirty clothes?"  "That pile not been washed??"  "Noooooooooo"

I went back to the laundry room and sorted things out.  

That afternoon Don took me for a ride in this pick up truck.  He took me on a local road, that looked like a dream to ride on a motorcycle.  It looked like Deal's Gap, and only a few miles from his house.  He use to ride it often when he worked in Oakland.  I'm going to have to ride that road next time I'm out here.

We were meeting good friends, and fellow ST riders from the Bay Area for supper at Chevy's (Mexican) in Pleasanton.  I was excited about seeing my old friends again.  They really go out of their way when I'm in town.
What a great time I had a Chevy's.  Great food and good times with old friends.  I spent a lot of time chatting with Bill Harr.  He had rode in from Stockton on his 13.  VJ and Mo were there, as were Alan and Gail (soon to be married), Don and Joyce, and Bob Bueno.

I spoke with Bill Harr about next years planned Alps ride, and covered a few things concerning the 1300.  VJ told me work has been crazy, and he doesn't ride as often as he like to.  Bob filled me in on the details about Norma Ryan and how she is doing (she's fine).  Alan posted me on all the gaps in his life since my last visit.  It was just a great night.  I really needed one more day to rest and recharge, before heading back east, but I wanted to see Jerrol, so I had to trim a day off from the Bay Area.

The Food was good and we took a few pictures to capture the moment.  I really had a good time and wanted the night to last, but it was a week night and folks had to work the next day.  I sadly told everyone good bye and good night.
​From left: Alan, Gail, Joyce, Don, Mo.  Then Bob, Bill,Guy.
and VJ.  Good friends and good times.

Back in Castro Valley, the night ended quickly.  I knew I had a long ride the next day, and wanted to get a very early start.  I told the Cortez's good night and went upstairs.  Before turning the lights off, I wanted to check the atlas one last time.  Other than reaching Jerrol's apartment, I wanted to ride SR 33.  Over the years I'd been concentrating on the roads in Northern California and the Sierras, I can honestly say, I have ALL of them.  Time to move on.  I'm sure there are some obscure highways not on the map, but I can tell anyone- good,and not so good roads in the north, I have.  I've been riding the area for 7 years, coming and going a variety routes.  There is nothing left for me do  there.  With that in mind I decided to focus my attention to the south.  I started in 2005, with a jaunt around Mt. Palomar, and plan to pick off 2 more roads this tour; SR's 33 and 74.  The riding in the south is good, but I don't think as vast as the north, and I feel I can finish on my next 2 West Coast Tours, maybe even in one if I hang around a day or two.

My custom route starts on SR 33, near Cuyuma, but first I had to get there. I checked the auto route on the GPS, basically I-5 south down the valley.  Distance just to get to SR 33 was almost 250 miles.  From there it is 50 miles to Ojai, and then  the 101 into LA and south to San Diego.  A 600 mile day.  "If I can get to Ojai by lunch I'm good."

  I was going to have to go into the center of LA, something I've not done before.  "I'm sure the Zumo is gonna direct me the shortest route and that will be the 405 through the city.  Going to be a parking lot."  I thought about custom routing on the outer loops, but thought the better of it.  "I can lane split, and I will if I need to.  I'm good enough."

"Gonna be on the road by 6, riding hard to SR 33.  After gassing up, I won't stop till I'm in Cuyuma, that won't be a problem because nothin worth stopping for on that stretch of road anyway."

Hit the lights thinking about the trip ahead.

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