Day 16
June 20th, 2004
Redwood City, California

My family was up and going by 10am.  I took them down to Big Sur in effort to share some of things I do when I'm tour.

The ride to Big Sur in the Benz was anti climatic after having just done it on the 1300, and a whole lot less fun.  I felt very detached from my surroundings.  It had been a long time since I had been in car for the length of time it was going to take to get to down there and back. 
I won't get into detail about the drive and the experience, other than it was good to spend Father's Day with my son.  For the past several years I'd been on the road for the occasion.  Not that big a deal, because we spend time together all year long, for us Father's Day is put aside for those less fortunate.  Kind of like a day to MAKE those fathers take time out.

We had a great time, and I'm sure I got more out of it then they did.  I think they were just indulging me.
​Father's Day 2004.  Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, California
On the way home we stopped at a Applebee's for Sunday dinner, and made it back to Redwood City about 5pm.  I was more than ready to get back on the road.  A six day lay over in the middle of a long tour can have drawbacks.  I was worried I would had to reprogram myself for life on the road.  All in all it was great experience, almost like 2 vacations in one.  I think next year I'll bring them out to Vegas.

I squared my things, and made a few notes.  I'll be spending tomorrow night in a campground at Lake Tahoe.  I called Don, and he advised he was going to ride east with me as far as he could.
My plan is to drop Debbie and Chris off at the airport, return the car to Norma's and get on the road by 10am.  I had an exciting trip lined up for the trip back east, and I was ready to get started.