Day 15
June 19th, 2004
Redwood City, California

We took Caltrans into the city for the Giants-Red Sox game. The station is only 2 minutes from the Comfort Inn.  In return for 16 bucks we received a fast and efficient trip to SBC Field.
​The scene outside SBC Field.  San Francisco Giants
We were treated to a great game.  The Giants won it in the 8th on a 2 run HR by a player I can't remember.  Barry Bonds had a quiet day.  We ate hot dogs, popcorn and wolfed down cokes.  SBC Field is a great venue for a ballgame.  No better way for a Long Rider to relax after a long ride, then to be with his family at a ballgame.
It was late afternoon we the train returned us to Redwood.  We retired to our rooms and had a quiet evening.  Tomorrow we'll drive down to Big Sur.