Day 14
June 18th, 2004
Redwood City, California

After sleeping late I took Chris and Debbie to see Norma.  Debbie was out here in 2002, but this was Chris' first time.  

We had a nice visit and then went into the city.  We showed Chris around the Wharf and the Bay.  He laughed at the tourists traps selling T shirts.  
We ate lunch at a sidewalk Italian place.  It was pretty good.

From there we went to the Golden Gate for the usual pictures.  Chris could not get over how cold and windy it was.  He was shivering.  You're talking about a boy who ruled out playing college ball in North Alabama because he said it was too cold up there.  He is thin blooded.

We returned to Redwood in the late afternoon, and prepared for the drive later on to Hayward to meet Don and Joyce.

I handled the San Mateo without fault and found Los Comprades without too much difficulty.  They have good Mexican food, a favorite hang out for Don.  I was surprised to see Alan Tryhorn of the ST bbs make it over for supper.  A great guy.

We had a nice meal, and a good time.  Don, Alan and I talked bikes and riding most of the time, but we did spread the conversation around as best we could.  When supper was over it was back across the Bay.
I was STILL itching like crazy, my wife kept insisting not to scratch, but that's easy to say when you're NOT the joker with poison ivy.

I was beginning to miss riding, and was anxious to get back on the road soon, but I was having a good time with my family.