Day 13
June 23rd, 2002
Redwood City, California

Today is a low key day.  We slept late and made it over to Dennis house by mid morning.  

We pulled our bikes out and I gave my bike the bath it so desperately needed.  When I was finished it looked like new.  Where is Jerrol at now?
When we finished washing my bike, we jumped in Dennis's cage and rode over to Palo Alto for lunch at California Pizza.  Great pizza.  We also took a quick cruise through the Sanford campus.

Back at the Ryan house Tommy and I played 007 on his Playstation 2.

We decided to give the Ryans a break from playing host so we returned back to Comfort Inn by mid afternoon.  I mentioned I was going out to run a few miles, and Dennis said he would take me to the reservoir.

Debbie said she would wash some clothes for me, while I was out running.  I guess she doesn't like tent smell.

Dennis rode his bike over around 4 and we took his truck to the reservoir, and I ran 3 miles.  I felt pretty good, and the break from running seems to be agreeing with me, my legs had much more snap then prior to my departure.

We said our good byes back at the motel before he left, just in case he is unable to leave the office tomorrow. 

Still full from lunch Debbie and I skipped supper, but we do go to the movies.  Tickets and popcorn set me back almost 30 bucks.  I told Debbie-
"baby, you know how far I can make 30 bucks go on the road"

We saw the Sum of All Fears.

At the room we called our son and he informs me had 2 hits and a dinger in his amateur league game today.

Debbie flies out around 12 pm tomorrow.  I will deposit her at the airport around 10, get her checked in, and retreive my bike and get on the he road to San Luis Obispo.

I will be riding south down the PCH over the Bixby Bridge and into Big Sur.  The best part of the PCH is the stretch from San Francisco to San Luis.  Less fog, and we all know how beautiful Big Sur is. 

I went to bed looking forward to getting back on the road.  I still have a lot country between here and Alabama.
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