Day 11
June 21st, 2002
Redwood City, California

I was up at 9am and getting ready.  My wife is flying to San Francisco International at 11:30am and I don't need to be late.  From there I will take her into the city to visit Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39.  This will be her first visit to the Hotel California.

I jump in Dennis's Mazda truck he so graciously let me borrow.  I have the use of it for the next 3 days.  Dennis is something else.

I have no trouble finding the airport and terminal and find myself sitting at the gates by 10:45.  Her airplane is on schedule.

While sitting around the gate I see a tall guy walking around with a cast on his right leg.  One of those half cast things.  He looks to be 6-6 or better.  Big guy.

Soon, I see her walking through the line of passengers, and pull her to me.  What happens next is between me and her.  After 25 years, she has grown accustomed to my crazy ways, and understands me.  I had a bike when we first met, and although she doesn't understand the pull riding and wanderlust has over me, she never tried to change me.  Thus, the reason for our longevity.

We find the truck with little trouble.  I once lost my 81 Civic at Atlanta's Hartsfield, and vowed never again would that happen.

The signs down to the Wharf are well marked and easy to follow from the airport.

We rode by Candlestick Park.

Parking is a nightmare in the Wharf area, but we get lucky.

It's cloudy, cold, and windy, and Debbie asks-

"when does summer start out here?"

"baby, it NEVER gets here, this is a typical June day"

The wind was strong and the temp in the 50s.  It caused me to remember a quote brother Dennis gave me " the coldest winter I ever had was a summer in San Francisco"

We strolled among the shops and restaurants.  It was fun, and if you've never been to the area you need to do it.
 A late lunch was at seafood place called the Expo.

After lunch we walked down to the docks to take a Bay cruise.  Paul D. from the bbs sent us 2 free boarding passes and we made good use of them.  Saving us 50 bucks.  Thanks brother.

The dock workers and shipmates were falling over themselves assisting Debbie.  I might as well have been invisible.  "Here let me help you.  Let me get this for you.  Watch your step."

"everyone is so friendly here" she says.

"Its the accent baby, they watch too many movies out here about southern girls"

"I don't understand"


We sat at the bow down low, behind the glass to avoid the wind.  It was still cloudy, but getting better.

A bus load of middle aged Korean tourist are on the boat with us.  About 100.  Ten minutes out from the dock, most of them fell asleep.  Their heads were nodding everywhere.  Tables, chairs, shelves and on each other.

The cruise lasted about a hour and took us under the Golden Gate and around Alcatraz.  It was very enjoyable.

It was getting late when we docked so, and we walked back to the truck.  I managed to pull my wife through the line of shops and vendors with her only spending a little.

From the Wharf we went to the Golden Gate.  We pulled off at the north overlook and strolled the area.  The top portions of the bridge were shrouded in fog. 

"Is it always this foggy?"

"about half the time, yes"

I drove us back to Redwood and checked us in the Comfort Inn.  Norma knew a desk person there, and got us a great deal on the suite.
Don, and Dennis were eating Mexican tonight, but we were late getting back and skipped out.  We were still full from lunch anyway.

It felt funny not to be on the bike today.  The ST sat quietly in Dennis garage waiting for my return.

The next morning I will drive us over to Dennis' house and take her for a ride to Alice's and the coast.  Of the 55+ thousand miles on my bike, she has less then 50 of that on pillion.  Lets just say, she is not the most enthusiastic passenger on a bike.  I lean left, she leans right.  
"damn baby ya gotta be still back there"

"noway I keep seeing the ground coming at me"

Perhaps tomorrow she will do better.