Day 3
March 24th, 2007                                        
Super 8 Motel
San Antonio, Texas 

After a casual morning Debbie and I shared a cab with another couple for the 1 mile ride down to Alamo Plaza.  The couple was from College Station, in town to support Texas A & M, who was playing in the NCAA tourney.  They had Alabama ties, and we enjoyed the cab ride.

At the Riverwalk we decided to take a early lunch, and we picked out one of the Tex-Mex places, I forgot the name, but I think it was something Rio.  The food was good.
​We enjoyed a nice lunch at this Tex-Mex on the Rivewalk.
We finished eating and went to a CVS store to pick up a memory stick for the the Sony CyberShot.  "Man I hope this ain't like the Grand Canyon last summer.  The nearest memory stick was 100 miles from the Canyon."  I said to Debbie.  They had what I needed but it was too bad I had the wrong format.  My 512MB went for 38 deniro, while a 1GB of another format was on sale for 19 dollars.  Probably why it was on sale, NOBODY uses that format.

Now that I had plenty of space for pictures, we took the short stroll over to the Alamo to go inside.
The Alamo has always had a mystique to me.  I recall walking to the Williard Thearte with my friends when I was 8 years old to see the John Wayne movie.   All of us loved westerns, WWII, and playing soldier.  After watching the movie 3 times my friends and I re enacted the battle over and over.  We thought the movie was the neatest thing ever produced.  
​ I took this picture inside the Alamo compound.
Coming here was something I always wanted to do.  It was a special time as I crossed another landmark off the list.  The Alamo is indeed hallowed ground.  I recall walking through the mission with a hundred people and no one spoke a word.

We also visited the Long Barracks, that according to most, is where the last handful of defenders were killed.
The Long Barracks 
No pictures were allowed, but I did take some on the outside of the church, and grounds.  Downtown San Antonio has consumed much of the original area, but plenty of maps and models to give you a feel for the area.
Now I can say I've visited the place where Davey Crockett was born and where he died.
​The cabin in Tennessee where Davey Crockett was born.
                                                              East Coast Tour 2005

​ ...and where he died.
After the Alamo we killed time in the shops (well Debbie shopped, I mostly sat on the benches) till it was time for Church.  We went to Mass at St.  Mary's located on the riverwalk.  It was a good service.

Dismissed from church we ate at the Hard Rock.  A little pricey but the food and service were good.  Our waiter was a Commanche Indian with the name Geriomo, with some kind of tatoo on his left leg.

We waited till almost dark then boarded one of the gondola boats for a cruise.  We saved this for last, and we were glad we did.  We had a nice 45 minute boat ride, and learned much about the walk.  I don't know who came up with the idea to have a Riverwalk, but he did good.

The boat ride completed at 9pm, it was getting late, so we caught a cab ride back to the motel.  Cabs are reasonable in SA, the 1 mile ride back to the room was 4.30, tip pushed it up to 7.

We were getting ready for bed, when I flipped the TV on for some weather clues.  A huge front was pushing east with a history of heavy rain and high winds.  "Man, this ain't good."  The system was moving slow, and would not even enter San Antonio till late tomorrow tonight, or early the next day.  But I was riding west and would surely find it much earlier.  "Well heck, if I can just reach Del Rio before the rain. I'll hold up there and let the storm pass over."

I hit the lights, thinking about the next day's ride.