Key West Getaw​ay
         A Two Wheel Winter Escape

 Winters in South Alabama are not particularly harsh.  A few cold nights, spaced among lots of mild sunny days.  A climate conducive for a Long Rider to ride year round.  So a weather escape was not the real reason for a Key West Getaway.  Riding was.  If you need a long ride in January the only choice is south, the snow line lies a day and a half north by the way the ST rides, so south is the only direction a Long Rider has to choose  from.

The only problem Florida is down right ugly to ride.  Flat roads, no turns, lots and lots of urban sprawl.   Getting to the Keys is painful, but once there brothers, you may never want to leave.

I put this trip together soon After Christmas.  Fellow STers and BBS members Ron Epperly, and Phil Derryberry were not hard to sign on.  They ride STs and besides they are good friends with a few days to spare.   We met Sal Landa in Miami on the second day, and were set for some island hopping.

It was a short, but great tour with good company.  I had never been that far south and it was a great experience.  I had a memorable all night ride home from Orlando to close the trip out.

So if you are currently mired in snow and cold, take a ride with us to the land of palm trees, warm breezes, and Key Lime Pie.  Pull up a chair with us as we eat shrimp on sidewalk cafe, soaking in the warm breeze off the Gulf.  Share with me a beach front tent site with ocean water slapping right outside my flaps.

I amaze myself at the great tours I dream up.