Day 4
October 2th, 2010
Lorton, Virginia

Not much to report today, just spent time with family watching college football.  We sat in front of the flat screen Samsung and watched 3 football games while Debbie and Cathy went shopping.  Better them than me. 
Debbie and I went to the 5pm Vigil Mass at St. Raymond Penafort, we enjoy attending services there.  With our Sunday obligation fulfilled, we could sleep in.

Had a nice family supper.  Alabama beat Florida so it was a good day.

Day 5
October 3th, 2010
Lorton, Virginia

Weather was cool in Northern Virginia today, and I spent it watching football.  It was a lazy Sunday.  The morning put my nephew in Mclean for a soccer game, so we made a quick ride to attend, and the afternoon was pro football and a nap.
By late evening it was time to make the 40 mile ride to Baltimore to deliver Debbie to the airport.  Clouds had been gathering all day, and on the way it started to rain.  From the Iphone I checked the radar, it was raining all the way north to Portland, Maine.  "Man this ain't good, I might not be able to go any further north."

We dropped Debbie off at the drive up and headed back, "call me when you get to Birmingham,"
"ok see you next week," as I kissed her goodbye.

Back at the house, I evaluated the weather, "if I can, I'll go as I planned, if I can't get to New England I'll lay over a day, and ride south to the Virginia coast on Tuesday, and from there on to the Blue Ridge on Wednesday, arriving a day early."  A number of guys were coming in on Wednesday, including Uncle Phil.

With plan B settled I sat back to watch TV, everyone else was in bed.  Shortly after my phone rang, it was Debbie.

"I can't get the car to crank"

"It won't turnover or no power?"

"Nothing comes on, not even the power locks, I had to use the key"

"ok the battery is dead, you musta left something on when you got out, go back to the lobby, and quiz someone about the security truck.  They should have a guy like Wal Mart that rides the parking lot, he'll have jumper cables."

"Ok, how do I find him?"

"just go back in and ask someone at the ticket counter or a TSA agent.  They might not can get him, but they'll know who can.  Call me when you get going again."

About 30 minutes later, I got the call she was on the way home, after that news I went on to bed.

Day 6
October 4rd, 2010
Lorton, Virginia

It rained all night long, and it was still pouring when I pulled out of bed.  I went to the flat screen at 7am to get a look at the situation.  New England was still socked in a heavy rain.  There was no dry path to Massachusetts, it was as bad as it could get.  The system had moved very little.  If I thought I could ride out of it, I'd saddle up, but that would not happen.  Not only would it rain on me all they way, but once I got there it would still be raining.  Forecasts predicted rain in the region till Thursday.

"Not going anywhere today, I'll just have to make the best of it."  Riding to Massachusetts would not be fun, and if its not fun, I don't see the point in doing it.  So I picked up the clicker and watched Fox News.

Next I read the paper (old fashioned paper) and got online.  I called Uncle Phil and advised him of my situation, that the ride to New England was not going to happen.  He advised, "that's how it goes, just make the best you can of it."  

David left me the keys to the family van, so I took it to the nearest 5 Guys Burgers for lunch.  I mistakenly ordered the regular burger which is TWO patties.  I did not come close to eating all of it.

It finally quit raining about 1 pm, so I pulled the ST out and went down the road to a corner Shell station and filled the tank.  "Now I'm ready for tomorrow."

"Now would be a good time to get tomorrow's ride lined up."  So I went out to the bike and brought my atlas and GPS in.  To avoid I-95 I decided to ride backroads to Norfolk.  Far as I knew, I'd never been to that section of Eastern Virginia.  Lacking my PC, I had to plot the route on the unit using via points, kind of awkward, but I managed.

I had little choice but to ride south the next day.  North the weather was crummy, west would take me away from the Blue Ridge, with not enough time to get back to the rally, and if I wanted to go east I'd need a boat.

I thought about checking the oil on the Honda, but decided not to, because all the miles I've been with them, never used any.  "The 13 doesn't use oil its a waste of time to hump down to look at the window."

The rest of the afternoon I spent dozing on the couch.

Supper was a nice meal at Chipole, then home for the Monday night game.

I watched the ballgame, then hit the lights.  Been a nice stay but ready to get back on the road.

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