Day 4
October 8th, 2008
Lorton, Virginia

Not much to report today, other than it was a good day.

I helped see the kids off to school, and told David and Cathy goodbye.  Their day starts early in the suburbs of Northern Virginia.  One of the most affluent and prosperous areas in the nation.

"Are you sure you gonna be ok?  Do you not want to go into the District with us?" Asked my sister in law.  "No baby I'll be content right here."  I've been on the go last few days.  I have stuff I need to do."  "Ok you have our cell numbers, see you tonight."

The house was soon quiet and I had everything to myself.  I normally take a day off after 5-7 days on the road, but the timing is right for now.  The first thing I did was get online and track down the nearest Honda Shop to see about replacing my bulb.  Conventional wisdom the standard auto parts variety would not work.  I was working on that when my good friend and long time riding partner Peter Menard called.

"So where ya at?"

"Lorton, Virginia with family, on a layover.  You?"

"West Virginia"

I told him my predicament on my low beam.

"Look, I'm going by a big dealer, I know where it is, I'll pick cover for ya, and safe ya from having to track a dealer without GPS.  I know how tough things are in Northern Virginia."

"Man if you could that would be nice, sure its no trouble?"

"No the shop is right on my way, I go right by it."

"You're the man"

"If they don't have it I'll call ya"


Next I got online and spent the next couple of hours responding to emails and researching, which is the fancy way of saying I goofed off.

I thought about Chinese for lunch, but really didn't feel like getting out, so stayed in and ate a sandwich.  
Next I did some web site maintenance, and caught up on some phone calls.  I called Uncle Phil and had a long conversation with him.  He was leaving tomorrow and taking the long way to Cruso.

"So you have the rides for the Blue Ridge figured out yet?"

"pretty much, few old favorites and a couple new."

"I love the Blue Ridge, bro, if I had all kind of money I'd buy me a cabin in those hills, have to leave when winter comes though."

"yeah but we get to ride it most anytime"

"That's true, I rather be broke and riding, then rich and working"

"I'm gonna hafta to remember that sayin Guy"

Then Peter called-

"got the bulb, 25 dollars"

"Well I knew they'd be proud of it, but it was worth  it to save the trouble, thanks, I'll see ya tomorrow k?"
"yeah, have a good ride and be safe"

I put a load of clothes on and took a 30 minute nap.  When I woke I stuffed them in the dryer.  David and Cathy have high tech washer and dryers, you can't even hear them.

I spent the afternoon watching TV and raiding the snack pantry.  All options were available.  Chips, cookies, muffins, and candy.  It was nirvana.

With nothing on tv I cleaned the screen of the ST, and squared it away for the next day's ride.  After checking the pictures snapped so far, I went upstairs and put all my stuff on charge.

It was getting dark so I went upstairs and took a shower, to look presentable when everyone came home.  "They'll be here in a little while, better beat the rush."

Everyone came in about the same time.  David asked, "so you never left the house today?"  "Nah, no reason to, I was busy.  It was a good day to just relax and get some things done."   "I wish I could have a few of those days."
It was Michael's 15th birthday, and the family was going out to dinner.  I was invited but I didn't want to intrude on their family time.  I stayed home and watched the debates, and played online.

Later that night Michael opened a few presents.  Lucky dog got a new Iphone.  We spent the balance of the night talking.  It was nice.

Meagan sat next to me eating birthday cake.  "You leaving in the morning?"

"afraid so baby"

"you could pick me up from school tomorrow, I don't have dance"

"I'd love to but I have friends looking for me in North Carolina."

"ohhhhhhhhhh," she said with a long face.

"I tell you what, when your graduate high school, I'll take you to California with me and fly you back home.  It will be my graduation present for you.  I have lots of friends out there, and you'll get to see and do things not many 18 years get to do."

"Can I momma?"

"We'll see"

Everyone went on to bed, but I slept well last night and had a easy day, I was able to stay up a little later.  At this stage of my life, I seldom need more then 6 or 7 hours.  My doc said that was not unusual for people my age.
I went online and checked the weather for tomorrow.  Cloudy but no rain.  "I can live with that."

My route will be a non GPS run down I-95. I-85 and I-40.  When I get within striking distance, I can find Cold Mountain and the campground.

"Better get some some sleep, long ride tomorrow."