Day 12
September 15th, 2005
VVV Rally
Inn of Six Mountains
Killington, Vermont

The air was thick and cloudy when our group gathered in the parking lot of the Inn.  Rain was imminent.  The sky was dark with thick clouds.

By design, today was intended to be a short riding day.  Everyone wanted to be back early to have time to pack and to take some time off the saddle to prepare for the ride home.

Jay Richardson would be leading, and I have no idea the routes he led us on.  We lost Coop, who was staying behind to wash clothes and take care of other CIA business.  In return we picked up Ellen and Rhonda.  Ellen was riding a cruiser bike and our ride took that into account.   All in all we had a fun, safe group for the morning excursion.

We met for breakfast at a cafe near the Inn.  I had toast and a cold drink.  

I don't know what routes we took off the mountain to get away from Killington, but the riding was good.  Curvy roads, but a little damp.  It started to drizzle so we stopped at a village to don rain gear.  A Civil War statue stood in the town park.  A union infantrymen with the names of village sons lost inscribed on the platform.
​Uncle Phil slipping on rain gear in a Vermont village
Jay lead us over a series of hills, and the rain picked up.  Everyone took it easy on the wet streets.  A short time later we pulled to a village with a floating bridge.  The structure had about 4 inches of water over the top and we dared Jaybird to ride across.  All the encouragement he needed to do it.  He took off across the slippery wood, making a huge wake through the water.  He made it over and back without incident.  Noway was I going to try it.
​Jay Richardson crossing the sunken bridge
From the bridge we left on a series of roads streaming back to Killington.  The rain was still coming down, and by now most of us just wanted to get back to the Inn.  

We were close to Killington when Andy made a motion to stop.  I pulled over and followed him back to a general store with a deli. The others continued on to Killington. 

We left our gear on a outside table to dry out.  Inside, we met friendly people and had a good lunch.

A nice young lady asked for my order

"what will you have?"
"I dunno baby, whata ya have that's healthy?"

"chicken sandwich on wheat?"

"sounds good, I'll take it, but nuttin but chicken and bread."

"coming up"

I walked to the cash register where Andy was chatting. 
"Is this joker flirtin with ya?"

"well, yeah"

"so how's he doin?"

"Not too bad."

"I can't take him anywhere, he won't do right, but he's harmless."

We hung around the store eating and chatting for 30 minutes.  It was fun and a great way to find out about life in Vermont.  

We were gearing back up in the parking lot when the cashier came out to watch us ride out.  She gave a friendly wave when we circled out.  The rain had stopped and the sky was clearing.
​Skies were clearing when we departed the Vermont 
General Store.

A short ride later we were back in Killington after a 115 mile day.  Andy and I stopped at Shell con store to top off the tanks.

Back at the Inn we hung around the parking lot cleaning our bikes and kicking tires.  When I finished that I went for a 4 mile run.  I felt good about running everyday in Vermont.  I knew tomorrow would be a long day, and working out was not going to happen.

A great time was had by all at the motel for supper.  It was then I noticed the LCD screen on my Sony camera was kaput.  It could still take pictures, but what's the point of a digital camera if you have NO instant gratification.?  I set it aside and hoped it would come back to life tomorrow.  

When supper was over, the group had a gift swap.  Andy's Toronto Fire Department shirt seemed to be the hot item.

It was kind of late when I finished my phone calls and went to the room to pack.  I squared my stuff away, and was all set for a early start.  I'm riding out with Coop and Andy before daylight.  We'll put down several miles together before we have to split.  

I got the atlas out and looked over routes.  There are no back roads to pursue here.  Just get on the interstate and go.  Not my kind of riding, but I have to get to Lorton, Virginia to meet Debbie at my in laws.  

David is picking her up at the Baltimore Airport tomorrow night.  My chosen poison will be through Albany, south to I-287 and then I-95 and the NJ Turnpike.  It was ugly for sure, but in the end the only choice I had.  I dreaded the armed combat I'd be in most of the day, all you can expect in the Northeast Corridor.
I said good night to Coop and hit the lights.