Day 11
August 23rd, 2002
Warwick, Rhode Island

Sleeping late was not in the books today.  We have a business meeting at 8:30am.  I groped out of bed, showered and went downstairs.  Most everyone was there.  Even the FDNY firefighters that partied hardy the night before.

"I don't know how those boys from NY made it here ahead of me, they were well on their way to getting "bad heads" when I left"
One of the Canadians responds- "we left after 1, and they were still going strong."

The meeting was looooong, and I grew inpatient, so it was a relief when our secretary, from Rhode Island, got up to read his report.  He read it off a piece of paper so fast , I had not a clue as to what he said.

I turned to one of the guys from Montreal and asked-"what did that joker just say?"

"have no idea"

"boy, yankees can tawk fast"

At the end, the Montreal guys were called upon to give a report on next years rally.

A guy my age got up, and unfolded a piece of paper and began speaking in French, retaliating for not being able to understand the previous guy. 

Cracked me up.

"well, we couldn't understand him, so we thought we would even it ".

After the meeting, I walked over to a ho hum Chinese place for lunch.

I stopped and looked over the bikes in the parking lot on the way back.  It was drizzling rain.   A good afternoon for a nap.  I met a Montreal firefighter, and we hit it off.  He told me his name but noway could I pronounce it.  He is astonished when I tell him my grandparents are from Quebec.  "With a name like "Gui Bootan" it was obvious," he says.

"so you gonna teach me French before next years rally?"

"yeah when do you want to start?"

I told him about Raven, and he said he was riding out the next day to see for himself.  I informed him to forget her, she has captured more Long Riders then Wyatt Earp, and just used them up. 

He said-"not met ME!
"That's what they all said brpther"

The guys from Montreal had cut their hair ALL off, on some kind of bet. 

I went upstairs, and ate popcorn and watched Morgan Freeman in "Lean on Me" on HBO.

I slept, then went to the banquet.  It was ok, but I was alone, and this affair seemed more suited for couples.  I felt like a 5th wheel, so left early.  Didn't seem to bother the FDNY boys. 

"where ya goin Alabama?"

"bed, gotta get a early start in the morning"

"were takin the Canucks down to Ground Zero in the morning if you wanna ride in"

"which ones?"

"the guys from Alberta"

Now that does sound like a offer.  I chew on it.  I wanted to avoid the city, but a escort would make it much easier to get around.  I decided I would ride into the city, and pay my respects to Ground Zero, but I will do it solo.  I can handle NYC, I say to myself.  Besides it will be Sunday morning, best day for traffic.  Also, I began thinking about the small gas tanks of the Harleys, and all the other stops that would come with a large number of bikes.  I don't have time to ride with the group, so I will venture in on my own.

I went upstairs and made a few phone calls, watched the news, then went to sleep.  Looking forward to riding into the city.  This will be my first time to see the skyline without the the Towers.

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