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BamaRider Stable

Exploring North America...One Road at a Time

2004 Honda ST 1300 ABS

​2005 BMW 1200 RT

2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES

BamaRider- the people, places, and roads of North America.  Online since 2001!

​​​2017 Honda CB 1100 EX

Great Video from Honda!  Required viewing for all Long Riders. ----------->

​           Yamaha Cycles of Life Video!------------>
          Pretty much sums up MY life!

​​The BMW take on Long Riding.  Makes
me want to go RIDE!---------------------->
About Me
Personal- I was born in Norfolk, Va in 1955.  My mother was from Alabama and our family moved here in 1966, and from that time forward I have been a true deep south boy.

Professional- I served 27 years in the Prattville Fire Department and retired in 2005 at the age of 49 to devote more time to riding and the other things I enjoy in life.  My career in the fire department was the defining moment of my life.  It was a career I loved and was devoted to.  I miss it greatly but I enjoy this life chapter.

My son went to college on a baseball scholarship, graduated with a marketing degree, went into the private sector, and a few years later entered seminary and was ordained a Catholic priest in 2016.   We are very proud of him.

I've completed 6 marathons (last in 2012).  But currently in lull with running as my focus has turned to my riding.

You will notice last few years not been as many tours, while I've concentrated on the other things in life.  We recently built our new dream home and that swallowed up all of 2015.  

What I hope to accomplish-  I don't really know.  I often receive a email from someone who said it was BamaRider who inspired them to make their own long rides.  When that happens than all the effort is worth it.  I want everyone to know what it is like to live your dream as I do.   It is special.

Welcome to my website!  My name is Guy Boutin but many call me the BamaRider.  In 1969 my father delivered a 1970 Honda CL 70 into my possesion, and ever since I have been addicted to 2 wheels.  I was 14 years old, and dreamed of one day being a Long Rider.  To travel the country at will with no regard for time or place.   To ride to a place far away just because I could.

I'm happy to report I surpassed every dream I ever had when it comes to riding motorcycles across North America. BamaRider went on line in 2001 and herein lies the documentation of 12 cross country rides, 5 rides to Canada, a tour of the UK, and many regional travels.

I currently own 3 top of the line Sport Touring Bikes.  A 2014 Yamaha 1300 FJR ES, 2005 BMW 1200 RT, a 2004 Honda ST 1300 ABS and a 2017 Honda CB 1100 EX. I ride all 4 bikes often and far.

You will also find tips about Long Distance riding, learn about the motorcycles I own/owned, equipment I use, and how to plan a long ride of your own.


BamaRider pre ride prayer.

+ In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Our Lady of the Open Road pray for me!

I pray for safe travels on my upcoming journey, that You will protect me from injury and harm. I pray You will comfort my wife as she awaits my return. I ask for Your guidance in bad weather, and unknown lands.

I pray for my fellow travelers, that all reach their destination safely. I thank You for this opportunity to ride free in this beautiful land we call America, a land You call Your own.

Help me witness the Faith with the people I meet along my path, to keep me in the light of Your presence, and no matter whom I encounter, I will do so with grace and humility.  Through Christ our Lord.


Contact me here                                                              


Other News

 The migration of the old Frontpage website continues.  I have 80% of it moved.  In the process I was finally able to solve why some pages displayed incorrectly in various browsers.  I was doing someting wrong when I set the page up.

Sadly, I will have to go back and apply that fix to every page that has been migrated, which is well over 100.  Each page takes about 30-45 minutes to cure.  So it will be a long time before the website is 100%

The newest content has been set up correctly and should display in any browser.  Trip journals from 2014 forward are also good.   All non trip journal pages have been repaired.  Only the archived journals are curently affected.  They will slowly come back correctly, a little at a time.  Meanwhile, if you have trouble with the display, try viewing with Google Chrome browser, that is the browser I worked from during the migration.  That could solve your problem.  If you have problem with Chrome, try Microsoft Edge.  The archived journals are a mixture.  I worked about half in Edge before moving to Chrome, so give it a try.

This also solved the problem with website displaying in a mobile devices. 

On October 1, I'll be heading out on a 12 day ride out West, to ride the canyons of Central Utah.  In this chapter of my long riding, I'm riding less miles, to spend more time in the special areas I only glanced at passing through first time.  Last year it was Monument Valley and the Southern Rockies.  This year it will be the Moab area and then the Northern Rockies of Colorado.

I'm going to spend 2 nights in Moab.   Counting the ride in, 2 nights, and another day leaving, gives me 4 days to cover the area.

The bike of choice for this ride will be the RT.  For no other reason I'm in the mood to ride it.