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                              Welcome to my web site!
                   My name is Guy but they call me...                                                              




I have many interests in life, but none as passionate as touring and exploring the U.S.A. on my sport touring motorcycles.

My father delivered my first motorcycle to me in 1969, and since that day I have loved riding on 2 wheels.  I recall riding my Honda CL 70 across the county line, pretending to be on a long trip.  Even then I loved the freedom of the open road, and riding for the sake of the journey, not the destination.  I always loved looking over the hill, and around the next turn, just to see what was there. 

Motorcycles best capture the spirit of the Long Rider.   In the world of transportation they have unequaled speed, power, agility, and the greatest fun factor.   

I am living my dream.  My son has grown to be a responsible young man, and I'm retired.  It was not easy getting here, but it was worth every sacrifice.  Freedom is the rarest of all commodities, but once captured it rewards with endless joy.  Presently, I ride like a 7th grader with a new bicycle.  I visit the places I use to read about, and touch the feelings of freedom only a 14 year old can understand.  When I ride my motorcycles to the far points of North America, I am once again the boy you see in the picture.  I have been true to myself, and found the answers to the questions I use ask so long ago.   Now I know what is out there, and how to live free.  To find famous highways, and conqueror them on high tech, state of the art motorcycles. To witness the world's most beautiful places, and to meet people from a thousand different towns and cities.   I want my web site to be a home for all who have a dream.  

This video  Long Lonesome Highway does a good job of explaining my current life style.

Introduction-  This web site is largely about my travels across North America and the U.K.  In the last 8 years I've ridden 250,000 miles, and logged 7 cross country tours.  I've also ventured into Canada 4 times, and recorded many regional tours.  I ride the back roads, I don't care how long it takes me to get there.  I seek out the byways most ignore, and over the years I've been lucky to ride this country's most famous motorcycle highways.

I've spent quality time in all the lower 48, visiting most of them at least 4 times, passing time in forgotten towns, and carving up roads most pass on their way to California on I-10 or I-80.  Each of my cross country rides have been different.  Different roads, different towns, different people.

My love of riding has carried me to every major National Park in the country, and many of the minor.  National Landmarks such as 4 Corners, Devil's Tower, and Meteor Crater can be included, throw in hundreds of historical sites, and I have a vast resume of what riding in America is truly like.  And that is why I created this web site- to share my experience with as many as possible.

The following pages also contain tips for those wishing to tour by motorcycle.  You can visit the favorite road pages to help plan your trip, or click over to the tips page to read about the equipment I use.  I hope you find something useful there.

I included a section if you wish to learn more about the motorcycles I ride, and how they perform and compare to each other.

But most of all, I want my web site to capture the spirit, and soul of the Long Rider, and what it feels like to experience this country from the saddle of a motorcycle.  All the good stuff, and even a few of the bad.  By the magic of the internet you will meet, and come to know many of my good friends.  People that have become important to me the last 5 years.  My journals, pictures and music are my attempt to pass on to others what it is like to live free.

My choice of motorcycles are sport touring bikes.  They define what I need in a motorcycle.  Your  motorcycle could be a large touring bike, a cruiser, or a sport bike.  Your choice of weapon only has to please you.  I've met Long Riders on every kind of bike, what you ride is irrelevant, it is your spirit that defines you, not your ride.

 Personal- I was born in Norfolk, Virginia August 2, 1955.  My family moved to Alabama in 1966, and I have been a true southern boy ever since.

I was married in 1976.  My 29 year old son attended college thanks to a baseball scholarship.  He graduated in May 2003.   He has made us very proud.                         

Professional- I had the privilege of serving 26 years in the Prattville Fire Department.  I retired April 2005 at the age of 49.  It was a job I found rewarding and exciting.  I truly loved the fire department and all it did for me.  I was addicted to the adrenaline rush of fighting fires, and leading young men in sometimes desperate situations, and trying to make a difference in someone's life.  I will always miss it, but I enjoy retirement, and plan to stay busy touring and training for marathons and other races.

Interests-  As noted earlier I have other interests aside from motorcycles.  I am a runner, and cyclist.  In the 1980s I ran and completed 6 marathons.  In the summer of 2004 I returned to serious training, and future motorcycle tours will be scheduled around down times in training.  I'm sure I can ride almost as many miles as pre training days.

I spent 8 years coaching youth baseball and football and have many fond memories of those times.  Whenever I pass through a town and see a youth game in progress, I stop and check it out.  It returns me to the days when my son was a boy, and growing up.  I enjoyed watching him play for many years.

I also enjoy listening to my CD collection, and playing video games on PlayStation 2.

Beginnings-  How did this web site begin?  The idea for a web site came out of the ST and RT message boards.  I was posting messages on various topics, and on a whim I posted a story about a ride.  Shortly after, I began receiving e mail to post more.  Next I posted a day from my California journal, and intended to let it go at that.  I began receiving more mail wanting to know the rest of the story, so I posted a few more days.  I never thought guys would care to read my journals.  A few asked me to share other thoughts about riding and touring in general, and as a result, my web site was born. 

What I hope to Accomplish-  I don't really know.  I just want to have as much fun as I can living my life, and if this web site inspires someone to go out and do the same, the effort is worth it.  

 Future-  I will write about my adventures, as long as riders care to read them.  It is even my hope a few non riders will enjoy visiting my site.

I add to my page often, so be sure to come back, even after all the current content is read.

General-  My site is a true labor of love.  Yes, it is time consuming to maintain, but I enjoy it.  Just don't forget, I am not a professional writer, or webmaster.  I make a lot of mistakes, and I am still learning what the software can, and can't do.  Thanks for y'alls patience.

If my early journals read differently, please remember I was just starting out back then.  They were my first attempts at writing with the intention of someone reading it.  I like to think I've improved since then. 

If you have any comments, corrections, or feedback, contact me.  I have been humbled by the response to my web site. Thanks.

To all my riding and touring friends.  Y'all ride safe.






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